HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

As I mentioned in my previous post, I try to drink about a gallon of water a day. Keeping track of it is not always easy. I used to just trying to keep in my mind how many water bottles I had, or use apps on my phone and log even ounce of water I drink. But sometimes I will forget or not think about entering the amount of water I drank in my phone.

To be honest it is not that easy. Is it doable? Of course it is. But I was looking for something more convenient and easy to do.

Water Intake Tracking

My best attempt in tracking my water intake on my own was using a large mason jar that contains about 24 oz of water and I keep track of how many times I fill it up. To make 128 oz of water I would have to drink about 5 of those. It was easier because I would not need to constantly refill it.

Water bottles

There are many water bottle brands and concepts out there. There are so many different kinds, sizes, materials reusable water bottle can be made from. So there is certainly plenty to choose from.

I saw a water bottle with a time marker to keep track of water drinking. I didn’t really like that it was a plastic water bottle. I definitely prefer a glass water bottle. I have one, but it is pretty small and I have to refill it too many times to my liking. Easy to lose track of the number of bottles you had.

There is an option of a 1 gallon water bottle or a gallon water jug. Which is not bad at all. Fill it up once and you are good to go. The downside would be a bit difficult to take it with you in the car or for a walk, you cont really put a gallon just in a purse.

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

So the latest purchase I made to help me on my journey of drinking enough water every day is HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle. I got HidrateSpark STEEL insulated water bottle. I got it in brushed color, with a straw and a chug top, since I wanted to try out both and see which one I would like the best. And it is a 21 oz steel water bottle.

Shipping was very fast. I was pleasantly surprised. It was packaged nicely and neatly. It is vacuum insulated and keeps the water cold for a long time. It connects via Bluetooth to my iPhone. The app is easy to use and I enjoy using it. It was easy to set up and calibrate this smart water bottle as well.

The bottom part unscrews and that is what keeps track of how much water you drink, my guess is by weight. It is pretty accurate and works seamlessly with the app. It will light up to remind you that you need to drink. You can set it up and change it to be any color you like. 

It also sends fun reminder notifications. The reminders are very fun and it makes it fun to drink more water.

I will be honest and say that I did not like to use the straw top. I guess I just don’t like a water bottle with straw. Just a personal preference. Just not my thing, seemed like I had to work too hard to drink the water. I guess it is just my preference. I love the crud top and It is the only one I am using now.

I charged it overnight. And I have been using it for a few days and it is still going strong. On their site, it says that it will last about 10-14 days. Which is pretty great. In my experience and with the more often notifications and light reminders mine lasted about a week.

Overall I am extremely happy with HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle. I really like the reminders and the bottle lighting up to remind me that I need to drink water. Do I need it? Probably not, it is a pricy purchase. However, it is definitely nice to have. Would I get another one if I needed it again? Probably Yes.

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