Journey To The Right Coffee Machine

espresso coffee maker

Over the years my coffee tastes definitely have changed quite a bit. I used to love drinking sweet coffee drinks with some kind of milk in them. I used to like and enjoy drinking coffee from Dunkin Donuts. But those were the days when I would dilute my coffee with dairy and sugar and sweet syrups. But for me, Dunkin Donuts never really worked no matter how much I tried and no matter what kind of coffee I ordered. Then I switched to Starbucks. And this coffee never disappointed. Always great quality and very consistent. Which I love! They had an amazing selection of different types and flavors and combinations. Espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, frappuccinos, and so on. But it all comes at a cost. And I was happy to pay it.

There would be days and times that I would not really want to go out to get a coffee, or I would be running late for work and no time to swing by the coffee shop. So my husband and I decided to start making our own coffee at home. Also, money savings were welcome as well. So here is where our hunt for the best coffee maker began. We might sound like a couple of coffee junkies that dream of having a coffee drip. I promise we are not. Of course, there are bad days that a lot of coffee is a must. But overall I would say we have about 2 cups of coffee a day each.

Keurig Coffee Maker

We tried a Keurig coffee maker.  A one cup coffee maker seemed like a great idea. But no matter what kind of Keurigs coffee pods I got, regardless of the brand or the flavor, it did not really taste that great to me. I should mention that I started drinking black coffee. So it did make a huge difference to me since the taste was not hidden by sugar or dairy. With the Keurig coffee maker, we even tried to get our own coffee and fill pods. It was ok, but I never felt like it was amazing.

Nesspresso Coffee Machine

Then we decided to spend the money and get a Nespresso machine. Which was absolutely amazing. The best single serve coffee maker for sure! It was very good. Probably the best and the richest coffee taste out of all coffee makers we have tried. But the downside was the price of the coffee pods and that they were pods we had to order since at the time I have never seen them at the store. Granted the price is not the same as you would pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a specialty coffee shop. But it all adds up.


Then for a very brief moment, we tried a percolator. That did not really last too long at all. It seemed like it was taking too long and was a bit too complicated. This was definitely not an option for us.

French Press

Our search for the best coffee machine continued. We moved on to a French press coffee maker. And don’t get me wrong, I still really like it. And still, have it on my shelf. We went through a few French presses though – my husband would break the glass ones all the time. So I ended up searching Amazon for a metal French press. It is great besides the fact that I probably should not be washing it in the dishwasher, since the paint came off a bit in a few spots. The taste of coffee was pretty good. I liked that I can use any kind of ground coffee I liked. One other thing I liked about the French press is the fact that it could double as a cold brew maker in it.

Cold Brew

Because we love having cold brew coffees in the summer, I ended up getting a Kitchenaid cold brew coffee maker. It is a very handy cold coffee brewer, makes many cups and it is great. I probably would call it the best cold brew coffee maker.

Espresso Maker

One thing I was missing from having a Nespresso machine were cappuccinos. So I just had to have an espresso machine. The Delonghi espresso maker is great. I have it and I use it. Sometimes as a cappuccino maker, and sometimes to add an extra espresso shot to my regular coffee for those days when you just need an extra kick.

Breville Precision Brewer

A friend of mine gave me her Breville drip coffee maker. This Breville coffee maker is the kind that has a coffee grinder built in. This coffee pot introduced me to a world of freshly ground coffee which makes a superb cup of coffee. One downside in my eyes was the fact that the coffee grinder is positioned towards the back of this Breville coffee machine. Which makes the coffee grinds fall out into the coffee filter horizontally and not vertically. If that makes sense. So this would cause the opening to clog up a lot. We had to clean it almost every day, and if we forgot there will be not enough coffee grounds in the coffee machine and the coffee would be just not good, to say the least.

That is why we started looking for a different coffee maker with a grinder now that we became addicted to fresh ground coffee. There were not too many of them out there. I have an issue spending money on something that will not last and I would have to buy it again. Waste of money in my eyes. So I try to do research and stick with brands I trust and like. So this is where we find ourselves now.

We got a Breville Precision Brewer and a thermal coffee pot. It is not a grind and brew coffee maker. But it had a lot of great reviews. It has a few presets and it also allows you to change the settings, brewing time, and even water temperature to create your own, which all makes a difference in coffee making. It is a 12 cup coffee maker (60 oz), which is a good amount of coffee for two people. We usually brew 10 and it is just the right amount. Also, it has an option to become a pour-over coffee machine. Which is not something we are dipping our toes in. At least not yet. Also, it has an option to become an Iced coffee machine. I can say that it is the best home coffee maker option out of all of the ones I have tried.

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

We also ended up getting a Breville smart grinder pro, since freshly ground coffee is a thing in our household. And I am loving this thing! You can choose the way you want your coffee beans ground and the number of cups you need. Also, it had adapters for an espresso machine portafilter that allows you to fill a precise amount of coffee for your espresso.

As I am writing all of this, I realize that we have spent quite a bit of money on this coffee journey of ours. I can justify it in many ways, but at the end of the day, I am very happy where I am at with this tasty cup of coffee in my hands.

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