What I Do To Drink More Water Every Day

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We all know that we need to drink more water, we hear “drink water” a lot left and right. Probably everyone I know has that problem. 

We are made out of about 60% of water, so we definitely need it. Here are just a few reasons why: water is good for digestion, helps bowel movements, gets rid of the toxins in the body, helps maintain the balance of fluids in our bodies, helps our skin to look and feel good and healthy, helps to regulate body temperature, helps with weight loss, and so many more.

For some people, it is so difficult to get all of the amounts of water needed every day. I used to be one of those people. Now I can say I actually love drinking water. A lot. 

Drinking a gallon of water a day

Personally, I try to drink one gallon of water a day. I do not count coffee or tea or any liquids that come from food consumption. They used to think that coffee and tea being diuretics do not count towards hydration, now they say that they should be counted as water intake. I still don’t, but it is my personal choice. 

Water delivery service

Potable water is very important, we should make sure that the water we drink, whether it is tap water or well water, needs to be clean and doesn’t have bad qualities to it.

There are many ways nowadays we can get fresh water. Stores are filled with bottled water from so many different brands. It can be so hards to decide what is the best water to drink. Also, there are many water delivery services and water delivery companies. 

Bottled Water

Personally, I try not to buy bottled water because of plastic bottles and me trying to be better to help the plastic bottle problem that our world has. I was happy to see that they are making water in the cardboard bottles like brand Flow. I have gotten their water before and it is very good.

For me, not all of the bottled water taste the same. There are some that I cannot stand personally. But it is a matter of preference I guess. 

Water Filters

Another way to get clean water would be getting a water filter for the faucet or a pitcher water filter or water purification system. I used to have both and I liked it a lot. First I had a water filter pitcher. I liked it, however, I didn’t like the fact that I have to refill it and wait for the water to go through. Not a big deal, but still. Then I got a water filter for the faucet and I liked it way better and I had it for a very long time until we got a fridge that has a built-in water filter. 

SodaStream Machine

The next thing I did was to get a Sodastream machine. I love using SodaStream. I love everything about sparkling water, soda water, seltzer water, bubbly water, carbonated water, whatever you want to call it. That is by far my favorite way to get my gallon of water a day in. Sodastream helps not to be buying soda water in bottles or cans. That being said I do get soda water in cans sometimes. I do like flavored water and flavored sparkling water and it is a way I get to drink more water every day. 

Best Sparkling Water

What is the best sparkling water you might ask? I still think it is a matter of preference for sure. There is a lot of different brands of it at the stores.

I went to Target and picked up a few. 

The first one is Target Brand “Good & Gather”. I have tried many different flavors before and I can say that my personal favorite is grapefruit and lime. But honestly, all of their flavors are pretty good.

Aha sparkling water is pretty good for flavors ads well. I generally don’t like the ginger flavor but I like their ginger apple one a lot. 

Bubly sparkling water is not bad. I tried blackberry flavor (not my favorite) and grapefruit, which is pretty good. 

Waterloo sparkling water lemon-lime is great.

Most of the Polar seltzer water is pretty good. I tend to gravitate to the citrus flavors.

La Croix sparkling water is a very popular option. I really liked mango and passionfruit flavors. Limoncello Lacroix is not my favorite at all. Seamed a bit too artificial to me personally.

There are two other brands of water I like. It is S.Pellegrino mineral water and Perrier mineral water. Those are really good. 

There are so many more brands of sparkling water and soda waters out there. Most of them are pretty good I bet.

Lemon Water

There are many ways you can flavor your water without adding a lot of calories and sugar to it. One of the best ways in my opinion is to drink lemon water or lime water. One other thing I have been doing every morning is adding one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to my big jar of water. It makes it taste a bit like lemonade and they say that it has a great effect on our bodies as well as drinking lemon water in the morning.

Infused Water

You can make infused water. This will be when you leave some fruits and vegetables and herbs steam for a bit in the cold water to make fruit infused water. I heard people make strawberry water, cucumber water, mint water, and this list I am sure can go on and on.

Water Flavoring

Another way to add flavor to the water and make it seamless boring is to use water flavoring drops or water flavor packets. I used to do that quite a bit, however, nowadays I am trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners in attempts to limit my insulin levels spiking. I am not diabetic, but I am following a keto diet and intermitting fasting and there are many studies that prove that artificial sweeteners spike insulin levels. 

Mio flavoring drops are probably one of the most popular ones. Sodastream flavoring is pretty good as well with a decent variety. Propel packets are great for flavor. Honestly, there are so many of them and there is no way to figure out which one you would like unless you try them. We all have different likes and dislikes. 

In my case, once I started drinking more water and tracking it to make sure I was reaching my daily water goal, it became easier and easier to drink more water. Recently I got HidrateSpark water bottle that helps me track my water intake in a very easy manner and I love it.

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